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New York Feature highlights the big successes of Makaan Investment Group

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

In a recent New York Feature story , CEO Madina Shaik shared the heights reached by CompQsoft and Makaan Investment Group. The article covers Madina’s path to success and reveals how the CEO grows the two companies at breakneck speed.

It reads, “Madina Shaik has already grown his companies at exceptional rates, and he’s not stopping there. For CompQsoft, he aims to be a “$250M company by the end of 2024. For Makaan Investment Group, (Madina) wants to go from zero to a billion-dollar company in the first two years. They are already at $320 million.”

As impressive as the numbers were, the story dives deeper into the leadership philosophy that sustains the companies’ successes. It cites Madina’s focus on leaving an imprint in the lives of others above conventional measures of success. To quote New York Feature, “Shaik’s companies provide life-changing services for all those involved, from employees to clients and investors.”

The story rings true for us at Makaan Investment Group, who have worked with Madina and have shared in the discussion on how “we can leave an impact in the most effective way.”

Click here to read the New York Feature article. Interested in knowing more about Madina and his companies Makaan Investment Group, click here to connect with us. Link Tree of Madina

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