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Makaan Investment Group CEO Madina Shaik featured on USA Today

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Our CEO Madina Shaik was recently seen on the pages of USA Today , sharing his unique take on leadership and how this has powered the growth of Makaan Investment Group.

The feature explores the story of Madina, who built his success brick by brick in the US. An immigrant with truly humble beginnings, Madina faced countless challenges in building his two companies. Yet, somehow he managed to establish not one but two organizations that continue to leave an impact in their respective fields.

Quoting USA Today, “both companies have earned massive profits and grown exponentially in a short time.” The article then sheds light on the foundation of Madina’s achievements: his different take on success.

Madina shares, “True success transcends your lifetime.” His definition of success reveals much about how both of his companies scale their operations: client-focused, growth-oriented, and purposeful.

“I see [success] as doing enough good in the world and in the service of others that it stays in some form or another long after you’re gone,” adds Madina.

Set to inspire the publication’s wide readership, the article gives readers, aspiring entrepreneurs, and potential investors more reasons to dream bigger goals and seek out opportunities just like Madina.

Read the full article on USA Today here.

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