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Tips for First-Time Real Estate Investors

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

You may have probably heard that a lot of financially successful people in the world are from the real estate industry. Real estate attracts several investors as it is among the most profitable types of investments out there. But if you are new to investing, you might need a little help.

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Here are some tips when looking for your first real estate investment:

Weigh the Risks

Know that there will be risks for any type of investment and the best way to manage these is to anticipate them and strategize accordingly. Will your future tenants pay on time? How do you make sure they do? This is just one of the challenges when managing real estate investments. Other challenges worth considering are finding potential tenants, filing taxes, paying the mortgage, and more.

Factor in the “Unforeseen” in your Operating Costs

Repairs, maintenance, council fees, and all foreseeable costs all go into your operating costs. Beyond this, consider padding your budget to cover any unforeseen costs that come your way, including damages from calamities. This will help you reduce the financial impact of unwanted events on you and your investment. ’

Find the Best Location

Lucrative properties are often located in areas with multiple amenities like parks, shops, daycare centers, and hospitals. You might also want to consider property taxes, access to public transportation, crime rate, median income, or the local economy. With all these factored in, we recommend checking passive real estate investment in Texas. The state offers tremendous opportunities for first-time and

seasoned investors.

Decide on Your Financing Strategy

Will you buy the property? Or just provide financing? Your investment returns will depend on how you plan to manage your investments. Your financing strategy should reflect how comfortable you are with managing the day-to-day affairs of the investment, from the acquisition to optimization.

If you’re new to investments, consider partnering with professionals who can offer industry insights and a wealth of experience to match your needs.

We hope that this list helps you get started on your first investment. If you’re looking for a stable, passive investment, you can reach out to our experts at Makaan Investment Group who can help you gain a stable investment income through multifamily investment in Houston, Texas. Share your investment goals with us and we will work towards realizing them!

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