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The Difference Between Active and Passive Investing

Real estate is for anyone, not just the wealthy. Real estate investing is a viable option whether you already own a property or want to. It's a rewarding venture for those prepared to invest their time and energy. Real estate investment opens doors for those embarking on their first investment journey. With dedication and hard work, success is an attainable goal.

So, let your money work for you by finding the best real estate and property markets in Texas and nationwide! There are usually two kinds of investing you should know about: 

- Active Investing

Active investment means acquiring properties intending to either sell them at a profit or generate income through renting. It encompasses many properties, from single-family homes to more considerable multi-family assets. As an active investor, you immerse yourself in every facet of the transaction, from scouting the ideal property to orchestrating the financing.

- Passive Investing

Conversely, passive real estate investing offers a less hands-on approach, ideal for those with substantial capital but limited time or interest in direct property management. This strategy involves allocating funds to real estate-focused mutual funds or trusts. The benefits of passive real estate investment, for example, can be done through syndication, which is a group investment in a multi-family property.

Makaan Investment Group was founded to help investors, family, friends, and businesses passively invest in valuable multi-family assets and commercial real estate to build generational wealth. We offer multiple channels of investments such as DST, EB5, REG D, Syndications, and land. In addition, we strive to provide our clients with exceptional customer service and expert guidance throughout the investment process. In partnership with leading property management firms, we ensure transparent and effective outcomes for our investors. Embark on your real estate investment journey with our investment group and unlock the door to a future of wealth and prosperity.

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