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Features of a MultiFamily Real Estate Property

Investors are betting on multifamily real estate properties for their income stability and high-growth potential. Learn more about why this type of property is an excellent choice for those hoping to build wealth for generations.

Multifamily homes are an excellent way for investors to build their property portfolios.

As a passive investment, it frees investors to pursue multiple properties and achieve their goals faster. While there are significant differences in property design, class and investment approach, there are common attributes you can find in these properties.

Read on to find out the features of multifamily properties:

The Built

As the name suggests, multifamily properties can accommodate multiple families within the building complex. Each unit will have its own kitchen, bathroom, entranceway, and utility meter, giving its multiple tenants everything they need inside of their individual units. Multifamilies can take the form of a duplex, triplex, condos, townhomes, semi-detached houses, and more.

The Cash Flow

Owners of a multifamily home can either live in one of the units while renting others OR live elsewhere and have all units rented for passive real estate income. Either way, multifamily brings in positive cash flow. For those actively investing in multifamily, returns come in the form of monthly rental income, less the cost of maintaining the property.

On the other hand, those passively investing with General Partners (GP) like Makaan receive quarterly performance distribution, and their capital raised by the equity multiple after their holding period has elapsed.

Passive investors gain more from their property as their GP applies value-add strategies and generates cost savings. Syndication opens wide the door of opportunity for these investors to build wealth through real estate.

The Steady Growth

What makes multifamily properties most attractive is the promise of stability and growth. Unlike many investment vehicles, multifamily properties are less likely to suffer under an unfavorable market. The property retains its value over time and delivers cash flow from a steady stream of tenants.

It is a great choice for investors looking to protect their portfolios from changes in the market. Beyond that, it’s a promising way to build wealth (worry-free!) through passive investment.

Are you looking to start your journey in real estate investment?

Partner with a team of professionals willing to go to lengths to achieve your goals. Contact Makaan Investment Group for multifamily investment in Houston, Texas.

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