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Real Estate Syndication: What is it and What Could It Mean For You?

Updated: May 22, 2023

Investing in high-value assets like real estate can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be.

With real estate syndication, you can pool your capital and put money behind properties that would otherwise be beyond your budget. The best part is: you can enjoy the full benefits of your investment without the headaches of managing properties.

General Partners like Makaan Investment Group can look after your property, applying their industry experience to grow, scale, and deliver the most returns from your piece of real estate.

What is a Real Estate Syndicator? Companies like ours are called Real Estate Syndicators or General Partners. The role of syndicators is to find viable investments, underwrite the property, and perform due diligence on the real estate. These professionals ensure that everything is ready when you, a potential investor, come in.

The same team keeps things organized from financing and asset management to value-add strategies and investor relations. They put in the work for your investment, so you can enjoy the benefits of passive real estate investing.

What is Real Estate Syndication and Why Should You Consider Joining

A real estate syndication is a partnership between syndicators and passive investors. Under this setup, your funds will be pooled with others and put behind a real estate project.

There are many reasons to explore syndication, but here are some of the most compelling ones:

1. You gain access to competitive real estate

Investing through a real estate syndication gives you access to valuable properties, with great potential to scale your capital and deliver returns. Doing this joint venture also lowers investment requirements for limited partners like yourself.

2. You have a professional team working to boost your investment

A noteworthy advantage of syndication is having a full team of professionals deliver the most value from your investment. Coming to the right partners means leveraging years of industry experience in property management, marketing, and many aspects of real estate.

3. You gain the full benefits of investment, minus the burden

As a passive investor, you gain a fair share of the profits from your investment, without having to attend to day-to-day tasks that keep the lights on your property. Syndicators like Makaan Investment Group handle the investment from end-to-end: a win-win for starting investors who want to explore their investment options and expand their network without going through the tough process.

The Brief on Real Estate Syndication:

The best thing about real estate syndication is you get to build up your investment with people whom you can trust, less the hassle of managing investments alone. Passive investors thrive as they go about their business, while General Partners, like Makaan Investment Group, deliver added income and open doors for them to build wealth through real estate.

Interested in joining syndication?

Get in touch with our team through this page or by calling/texting us at 281-500-8554. We carry multifamily properties across Texas and are actively inviting investors to join us in the journey from Zero to a Billion in our first two years.

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