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Fund Your Retirement with Passive Investments

Updated: May 22, 2023

Time is your most valuable resource. It gives you finite chances to build the life you want for yourself and the people that matter to you the most. No wonder everyone is intent on getting the most value for their time and exploring passive investments to do just that. Simply put, passive investment multiplies the value you can create with your time.

How exactly? These tools allow you to build wealth without taking time away from your priorities. It frees up time you would otherwise spend on generating income by creating new cash flow sources.

With the right investment vehicles, your hard-earned money can grow enough to cover your needs today and in the future. Multifamily real estate investments offer that potential by bringing together the good yields of real estate and multiple tax advantages.

Investors can decide to put their money in one property and exit with their grown capital or keep investing to enjoy tax breaks and keep growing their initial investment. Since the investment goes into a property, it is deemed less risky. Having multiple tenants also ensures positive cash flow, even as times get hard.

Our sample computation shows that an investment of 100,000 with equity projections of 2.0x and a 4-year hold period has the potential to generate millions (well into seven digits) if reinvested over 32 years. Your investment relies entirely on your ideal time frame.

You can look at each apartment complex you buy into as a mini-enterprise. You can generate profit from new income (rent), lower expenses (tax efficiencies and operations savings), and investment strategies if managed well.

Do you have goals for your retirement, or would you like to get more out of your time? Speak to our team at Makaan Investment Group to explore multifamily investment in Houston, Texas.

Our investment team can guide you through any questions you might have. Contact us today to plan for a worry-free and possibly earlier retirement. We can also work with investors in particular circumstances (foreign investors who want to buy a property or those under EB-5 classifications).

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